Jewels for the Pig - Nigerian Christian Movie

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Jewels for the Pig Nigerian Christian Movie is now showing on Nigeria Movie Network, your favorite destination for only the best free Nigerian movies online. This gospel drama was Produced and Directed by Akinwunmi Emmanuel, and brought to you courtesy Prep Heavens. Watch, comment and share with friends on social networks! 


A young girl is betrothed by her parents at birth and the customary dowry was paid by the grooms family. The young groom grew up and went to college where he met different ladies and got exposed to the world. After giving his life to Christ, should he honor his parents promised to marry his betrothed wife or follow his hearth? 

  • Title: Jewels for the Pig Christian Movie 
  • Genre: Religious Drama / Christian 
  • Written by: Vincent Jason
  • Produced and Directed by Akinwunmi Emmanuel 

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