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Irapada Nigerian Movie (Yoruba Movie Irapada) - IBAKATV


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Watch Irapada Nigerian Movie (Yoruba Movie Irapada) courtesy IBAKATV for free - starring Deola Oloyede, Kunle Afolayan, Toun Oni, among other Yoruba actors. Directed by Dir: Biodun Aleja and Kunle Afolayan. Comment & Share Nigerian movies after watching!

Irapada (Redemption) Movie Synopsis

Dewunmi, a successful engineer, was doing so well in his field until a warning came to him from his guardian about a dream which has to do with deliverance. Dewunmi believes tradition is archaic and turns deaf ears to the advice of the elders. He soon realises there's more to life than the physical when all he has worked for begins to crumble and go sour. He needs to be delivered to win all back. Irapada.


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