Interview: Zack Orji says Nigeria is the Cradle of Greatness!

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In a recent exclusive interview on True Nigerians this 2015 year, veteran Nollywood actor - Zack Orji, says Nigeria is the Cradle of Greatness, and he also sang a song live on set. Uncle Zack also tells us the meaning of his native names, talked about his late mother, and other personal gist and opinion about him and Nigeria in general. 

Zack Orji also show his True Nigerian-ess by washing dishes at a large restaurant in Abuja. Wow!! Would you do the same if you were in uncle Zack's shoes? 

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Video courtesy True Nigerians on YouTube 


Zack Orji was born in Libreville, Garbon. He attended his primary and secondary school in Gabon, Cameroon, Benin, Togo and Nigeria; this made him bilingual as he also speaks french fluently. 

In 1984, Zack Orji obtained a degree in Estate Management from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

Zack Orji's first movie is ‘Unforgiven Sin’ and it was released in 1991. He is now also a producer, director and filmmaker. 

Zack Orji is married to Ngozi Orji, and they are blessed with three children. 

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