International Film Festival Collaboration is Vital for Nollywood - Hope Obioma Opara

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President & Founder, EKO International Film Festival — Hope Obioma Opara, revealed in this video showcased on NMN; why international film festival collaboration and movie production, is vital for Nollywood's growth as a film industry. 

Opara, who in this video - spoke about film festivals as a soft power tool in Nollywood, says his goal is to see how we can start attracting filmmakers in other parts of the world, which could help extend the distribution of Nollywood films to other parts of the world. 

"When you have two directors working from two different countries. It's bringing on two solid ideas together and can create better films, and creates more closeness in terms of partnership and having film treaties between two countries." 

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Video courtesy; USC Center on Public Diplomacy 

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