Impotent Alhaji Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - The comic drama continues...

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The comic drama continues in the Part 2 of Impotent Alhaji Nigerian Movie showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Starring Charles Inojie, Kinglsey Ogbonna, Prince C. Danian, Obinna Eze, Stella Omar Udeze, Sample Queen, Chuks Ugboaja, among other acts. Video courtesy RealNolly TV on YouTube. 

Movie Storyline: Two childless men rape a girl on the same day and the same time, unknown to them the girl becomes pregnant which marks the beginning of her sorrow, watch how the movie unfolds. 

  • Title: Impotent Alhaji Nigerian Movie (Part 2)  
  • Genre: Comic Drama 
  • Director: Tony Onoura (08036254432) 
  • Producer: Chuks Ugboaja (08038265031) 

Alhaji's are probably one of the least people to be impotent in real life, this is because they are known to have many wives and plant seeds that yields many children, so how can an Alhaji then be impotent? In Africa, Alhajis are not powerless. 

Let us know what you think about the movie after watching by dropping a comment below on NMN website, including if the story makes sense or not. So far, we know that the title is catchy, but not every catchy movie title tells a good story or of quality production. 

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