Ijele's Wife Nigerian Movie [Part 1] - Nkem Owoh, Tonto Dikeh

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Village girl Tonto? Osuofia the hunter? Watch Ijele's Wife Nigerian Movie [Part 1] showing on Nigeria Movie Network - starring Nkem Owoh, Tonto Dikeh, George Davidson and Ugochukwu Thomas.

Ijele's Wife Movie Storyline: Akupe (Tonto Dikeh) has a spiritual husband who will stop any man from coming close to her, he is the god of the land and no one dares him, those who did died from his wrath. Ogbensiegbe (Nkem Owoh) a poor hunter is in love with Akupe, but she warned to stay away from her to avoid the wrath of Ijele. He paid no mind to her because he finds it hard to believe her mysterious story.

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