Ije Love Nigerian Igbo Movie - Episode 4

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The marriage drama comes to an end (sort of) in the Episode 4 of Ije Love Nigerian Igbo Movie showing on Nigeria Movie Network, brought to you courtesy Igbo Nation TV on YouTube. Watch, comment and share with your Igbo-speaking friends.

Ije Love Nigerian Igbo Movie tells a common story experienced in many homes and marriages. It stars Chigozie Atuanya, Prince Nwafor among others.

Ejike (Prince Nwafor) is always lusting over his brother's beautiful wife. Whenever Chigozie Atuanya (Ken) is not home, his brother Ejike is always attempting to sleep with his wife. After several attempts, she finally gives in and agrees to sleep with Ejike.

This happened after Ejike found out his brother's wife was secretly barren without her husband's knowledge. He therefore used that as an advantage to have his way with her. Watch the full movie to find out how it all unfolds....

Note that, this episode 4 is not the end and the concluding episodes will be shared on NMN once made available. The saga continues....

Movie brought to you by Igbo Nation TV

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