IGODO Nigerian Movie Part 2 (Land of the Living Dead)

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Here goes the Part 2 of IGODO Nigerian Movie (Land of the Living Dead) also showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Starring Pete Edochie, Norbert Young, Charles Okafor, Sam Dede, Prince James Uche, Obi Madubogwu, Joe Layode, Ignis Ekwe, among others. 

IGODO Nigerian Movie IGODO Nigerian Movie Poster

It also stars Amaechi Muonagor and Chidi Mokeme. This a classic Nollywood movie released back in 1999. Watch, comment and share with friends who like CLASSICS!  

STORYLINE: A price to pay becomes a journey in a native land that darkness enveloped.On the go to save the land,hero gives up, brave dies, vengeance crowds.... 

  • TITLE: IGODO (Land of the Living Dead) 
  • PRODUCER : Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche 
  • DIRECTORS : Andy Amenechi & Don Pedro Obaseki 
  • CHANNEL: OJ NollyWoodTV 

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  • Lukong

    A great movie