I wear bum shorts so girls will not snatch my husband - Mercy Aigbe

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Here is a teaser from a recent interview by Afrobeat Live showing on NMN, where they sat down with Nollywood star actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry and Adunni Ade

Mercy Aigbe and Adunni Ade - Afrobeat Live

While fast-rising Nollywood actress, model and mother of two kids, Adunni Ade, was talking about a housewife role she turned down because they wanted her to be pretty much naked in the movie. She explained that she can't even wear booty shorts when she's at home with her husband, but when she called out her colleague Mercy Aigbe, suggesting she's sure Mercy wouldn't do the same. Mrs Aigbe refuted by saying:   

"Adunni, I do oO. I have to now, (I wear bum shorts) so that all those toothpick leg girls will not snatch my husband" - Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, sexy mum of two children. 

This is only a teaser for a new interview with Afrobeat Live, where star actresses Mercy Aigbe and Adunni Ade have a chat while on air. Look out for the full interview on NMN once it becomes available. 

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