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Thank God Mama G has not forgotten her fans, as she comes out to debunk previous rumours that she has abandoned acting to preach the word of God. In this video, watch veteran actress Patience Ozokwor take her stand that she's still Mama G for General, and her ministering the word of God does not change what she does on the screen for a living. 

Mama G turns Born Again, still an Actress

Contrary to previous reports which says Patience Ozokwor stated that she shouldn't be referred to Mama G any longer since the name was when she was in the world, this new video proves otherwise. She says "I am still Mama G - G for General". 

Mama G also reportedly say her family didn't welcome her being born again, adding that her daughter was upset with her, telling her that spirituality is of the heart and it does not affect her dress code. Her brother also thought she was not normal after hearing the news. 

You can read all about it on Nollywood Community here: 'Patience Ozokwor reportedly turns Born Again and changes Lifestyle'. 

This new video of Mama G was released as a follow-up in order to clear the misinformation that she has abandoned acting and that fans should no longer call her Mama G. 

"She's a born again. She has cut off her dreads. She has stopped wearing makeup and certain dresses all because mama is now born again. Family members are upset with her due to this. But she is still an actress."  

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