Hypertension Nigerian Movie [Part 2]

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Continue watching Part 2 of the hilarious Nollywood movie "HYPERTENSION", which stars John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Sam Loco Efe (Agha), Charles Awurum, Andy Chukwu, Nneoma Ukpabi, Francis Odega, Romanus Amuta, among others. 

Late veteran actor, Sam Loco Efe and John Okafor (Mr. Ibu), are down with high blood pressure, otherwise known as "HYPERTENSION" in this comic Nollywood movie many can't get enough of. This hilarious film would make you crack your ribs with laughter if care is not taken; watch and be thrilled. This movie also re-awaken memories of the late Sam Loco (#RIP).

  • Title: Hypertension Nigerian Movie
  • Genre: Comic Drama
  • Producer: Juliet Orji.
  • Director: Andy Chukwu
  • Distributor: Nollywood5Star

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