Hummer Babes Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - Mr Ibu, Ify Dollars, McSmith Ochendo

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The Nollywood comic drama started in Part 1, and continues in the Part 2 of Hummer Babes Nigerian Movie showing on Nigeria Movie Network, an Akudinanwa Film. Upon seeing this movie title, some would say to themselves: "na which one be hummer babes? If no be blackberry babes, e go be brazilian hair babes, facebook babes, twitter babes, Obama babes....Nollywood no go kill person oO". 

Movie Summary: In Hummer Babes, wealthy Joshua Johnson experiences physical discomfort due to his mischievous four flabby daughter's lifestyle.With no Compunction he promises to pay the price. Starring John Okafor (Mr Ibu), McSmith Ochendo, Andy Chukwu, Joy Arinze, Ify Dollars, Bola Yusuf, Mojisola Oyetayo. 

  • Title: Hummer Babes Nigerian Movie [Part 2] 
  • Genre: Comic Drama 
  • Director: Andy Chukwu (DGN)
  • Producer: Andy Best Nnamdi  
  • Streamed by: AndyBestNollywood TV / YouTube 

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