Golden Gift Nigerian Movie [Part 1] - Mercy Johnson, Ken Erics

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You are watching Golden Gift Nigerian Movie [Part 1] on NMN, which is a sequel to Onyinye The Wine Tapper. The movie stars Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Walter Anga, Ken Erics, Chinwe Owoh, Ugezu J. Ugezu, Nichole Banna.

Movie Synopsis: The king has ordered the killing of a beautiful widow who has refused his advances. Her baby was also instructed to be buried where three paths met but as fate will have it, the special child, who was born with a golden bracelet around her wrist was adopted by a woman from the neighbouring village. Onyinye has grown to be a beautiful, reserved young lady and has caught the eye of the young king but her foundation seems to bother her. She has questions and desperately needs answers to them. Onyinye embarks on an adventurous and fearful journey, the prince set out in search of her, the wrong done to her family fills her heart with so much pain, but the determination for revenge was her drive.

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  • Title: Golden Gift Nigerian Movie
  • Genre: Royal Drama
  • Producer: Obinna Okeke
  • Director: Ugezu J. Ugezu
  • Distributor: IBAKA Entertainment

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