Garment of Blood Nigerian Movie [Part 1] - Family Drama

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Garment of Blood Nigerian Movie is the continuation to a movie we shared prior to now 'Spirit of the Poor 1&2'. The family drama stars Solomon Akiyesi, Angela Okorie, Ugo D. Ogbonnanya, Prince Eke, and Val Tariah. You are watching Part 1 of 2 on NMN, courtesy Nollywood Pictures TV. After watching, don't forget to share with family and friends on social networks.

Here's what Nollywood Pictures TV has to say about this film: This is the sequel to Spirit of the Poor. The movie encapsulates the very many excruciating experiences, facing a man as a result of his many heinous crimes. Interestingly, for every evil committed, the price is always greater than the eyes can behold. The ashes thrown by a man have flown back into his very own eyes.The movie is a stylized blend of superb actions and striking dialogue. It continues in its suspenseful trend.

  • Title: Garment of Blood Nigerian Movie
  • Genre: Family Drama
  • Director: Osinachi.G.Titus
  • Producer: Ezeugwu Chinedu
  • Streamed by: Nollywood Pictures TV via YouTube
  • Publicized on: Nigeria Movie Network

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