Eze ndi Ala in America (The King Of Madness) - Zubby Michael, Ken Erics, Ebele Okaro

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The king of mad people is Zubby Michael in this Igbo movie with English subtitles called Eze ndi Ala in America. Starring Zubby Michael, Ken Erics, Ebele Okaro, Rachael Okonkwo, Diamond Okechi, Destiny Etiko, among other supporting acts. You are watching Season 1 on NMN. 

Eze ndi Ala In America


This gripping movie Ezendiara in America is an expansive collection of avarice, selfishness, betrayal, deceit and victimization with a blend of altruism, power and struggle. All beautifully harmonized in one piece. The irresponsible and evil acts of the king and the supposed elders of a community towards the people incidentally triggered a chain of unprecedented events and actions by some daring youths in that very community. One may never know the true meaning of desperation until one finds himself in a very desperate situation that requires desperate measures.

This movie has received rave reviews among fans who have watched this Igbo drama with an international appeal. Endeavor to share your thoughts below on NMN after watching Ezendiala in America! 

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