Evil Coffin Nigerian Movie [Season 6] - Drama comes to an END

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The drama finally comes to an end in the Season 6 of Evil Coffin Nigerian Movie showing on NMN. Starring Queen Nwokoye, Chioma Akpotha, Prince Nwafor, Saphire Obi, Austine Ogbuishi. It was directed by Caz Chidiebere and produced by Nwobodo Obiora Henry. Watch, comment and share with friends on social networks! 

STORYLINE: This comic and yet shocking rural drama, revolves around the weird lives of two young ladies in a village who succeeded their late father in the vocation of making coffins. For these ladies to succeed in business they needed a large amount of people to die constantly in their community. A very strange and evil entity came to their aid, assuring them of increased sales of coffins. 

  • Title: Evil Coffin Nigerian Movie (Part 6 - The END) 
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Director: Caz Chidiebere
  • Producer: Nwobodo Obiora Henry
  • Production: APEX GLOBAL LINK Production
  • Year of Production: 2016

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Video courtesy Nollywood Pictures TV 

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