Evidence showing Tonto Dikeh humiliates her ex-husband with damaging lies (VIDEO)

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May God punish those who tell lies to tarnish other people's image. In this video, controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh Wigo Charity a.k.a "The beautiful liar" has been exposed on all the damaging lies she told against her ex-husband Churchill Oladunni just to humiliate him publicly. 

Tonto Dikeh is a liarTonto Dikeh Lies Against Her Ex-Husband Exposed  

To get to the bottom of Tonto Dikeh's domestic violence allegations against her husband, journalist Azuka Ogujiuba of Media Room Hub went to the Police Station in Ghana that once held Tonto in custody for damaging Big Churchill properties in Ghana and questioned the Commissioner on what really happened, who then spilled it all out. 

Also, all the false claims Tonto Dikeh made that her husband was poor, did not pay her bride price, did not buy her a $45K ring, did not give her a cheque of 10 million naira, that he did nothing for her at all, were all debunked with evidence and documents.  

From MediaRoomHub TV: 

"Evidences that nullify allegations of abuse reported by Tonto Dikeh as provided by her ex husband, Dr. Olakunle Churchill. PART ONE" 

With all these shameless lies Tontolet has told against her ex-hubby Big Churchill, many are now wondering if Tonto Dikeh has mental issues? 

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