Watch Eve Esin displays an act of madness

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You would agree that Nollywood actress Eve Esin is good at what she does, when it comes to interpreting any character. In a new movie she's currently working on, the talented actress plays the character of a mad woman.

Watch Eve Esin display an act of madness like no other in this video; then let us know how good she is at bringing the character of a mad woman to life? Just write your comments below on NMN so we can know your reaction to this hilarious Nollywood video. 

When Eve shared this video (Dec. 6th), she had this to say:

"It's a Sunday morning yea. We are all praising God jo. This character saps my strength so much but I love it all d same. Madness no easy ooo. Happy Sunday darls. God bless us all" --EVE ESIN

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  • rosety

    Very talented