Ego Di Mkpa Nigerian Igbo Movie (Part 3)

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Ego Di Mkpa in Igbo means 'Money is Important'. Here goes the Part 3 of this interesting Nigerian Igbo Movie titled Ego Di Mkpa - also showing on Nigeria Movie Network! The Igbo movie, which is fully subtitled in English, stars Zubby Michael as 'Onyeka', Chigozie Atuanya as 'Ofunwa', Chelsea Eze as 'Chiugo', Diamond Okechi as 'Cheta', Prince Nwafor as 'Okwudili', Queen Obinna Favour as 'Obiageli', Uchechukwu Nnolim as 'Chika'. 

STORYLINE: Enclosed here is a compelling story, well construed to send an important message to the society about money (Ego). Having seen the hard part of life,and fully determined to make it big like his peers, Diamond Okechi, Zubby Micheal and Prince Nwafor decides to leave the shores of their village with only one mission, which is to go see and conquer. Whoever says that wealth comes with no work? A must see movie! 

  • Title: Ego Di Mkpa Igbo Movie (Part 3)
  • Genre: Igbo Drama
  • Producer: Christopher Ozoemena
  • Director: Iyke Odife
  • Production House: De-Kross Movie Productions
  • Release Year: 2016 

Endeavor to share your thoughts about this Igbo movie after watching on NMN! There are life lessons to be learned!  

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