Dumebi's Sister Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - Kenneth Okonkwo, Funke Akindele

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As we mentioned in the Part 1, Nollywood film-makers have put together a new Dumebi saga to keep you entertained. You are now watching the Part 2 of Dumebi's Sister Nigerian Movie on NMN. Starring Kenneth Okonkwo, Funke Akindele (Jenifa), Osita Chukwu, Abraham Madubuiko, Tchidi Chikere, and a host of other acts; Nigeria Movie Network is broadcasting. Watch, comment and share with friends/followers on social networks! 

MOVIE STORYLINE: As the saying goes the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know, Frank's alternative for a better wife than Dumebi didn't play out well.the turns of events in this latest comedy Blockbuster would keep you laughing all day long.

Some fans assume Dumebi's Sister is the sequel to Dumebi the Dirty Girl; while others believe it is a different story since it does not star the talented Mercy Johnson who pioneered the Dumebi character. Some Nollywood fans may also be disappointed by this, as they would be expecting to see Mercy Johnson in this new episode. 

  • Movie Title: Dumebi's Sister Nigerian Movie [Part 2]
  • Genre: Comic Drama (Village Themed)
  • Director: Tchidi Chikere
  • Producer: Chinedu Collins Ezenwa (P.Collins Production)
  • Source: RealNollyMovies YouTube channel 

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