Cry of a Kingdom Nigerian Movie [Season 4] - The mystery comes to an end...

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The mystery finally comes to an end in the Season 4 conclusion for — Cry of a Kingdom Nigerian Movie, a Traditional/Royal Drama showing on Nigeria Movie Network. It stars Frederick Leonard, Chiwetalu Agu, Mimi Orjiekwe, Joyce Kalu, Vitalis Ndubuisi and Kay Samuel. Watch, comment and share! 

Cry of a Kingdom Season 4

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Something frightening and very mysterious has suddenly besieged a certain community; tormenting the lives of the inhabitants. This thing aims to devastate and destroy the entire community. What is the offence that brought this terrible nightmare upon a community? How can a community fight and unravel this mystery which threatens everyone's dear life? It's indeed an intriguing movie with a beautiful suspense. 

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  • Title: Cry of a Kingdom (SEASON 4) 
  • Genre: Traditional/Royal Drama 
  • Producer: Chima Ewurum 
  • Director: Chidi Anyanwu Chidox 
  • Channel: NollywoodPicturestv 

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