Crimson Short Film Series (Ink, Blood and Piss) - Episode 3

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Watch talented acts Seun AJayi and O.C Ukeje in the 3rd and final episode of Crimson, a series of short film. This thrilling episode is titled 'Ink, Blood and Piss'; now showing on Nigeria Movie Network.

According to the production house responsible for this Nigerian film, Crimson is a series of short factitious thrillers loosely based on several mysteries within Nigeria's intriguing political space. Ink, Blood & Piss the last of 3 episodes in the pilot phase of the series is about DELE, a renowned writer and the military government's fiercest critic. Arrested by government strongman AKIN and charged with treason, he is left with two options, recant his words or dare the devil himself. Akin, hellbent on destroying what might be left of Dele's legacy has dug up all kinds of dirt on him. Will he buckle? 

  • Starring Seun AJayi and O.C Ukeje 
  • Written and Directed by Daniel Etim Effiong
  • Produced by Lala Akindoju
  • Photographed by Kagho Idhebor Crowther
  • Editted by Mohammed Atta

Courtesy Blue Graffiti Films

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