Crimson Short Film Series (Amazing Grace) - Episode 1

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Watch talented acts Seun AJayi and Najite Dede in the 1st episode of Crimson, a series of short film and this episode is titled 'Amazing Grace'; now showing on Nigeria Movie Network.

NOTE: Broadcasting of this video is currently disabled. Apologies for any inconvenience.   

According to the production house, Crimson is a series of short factitious thrillers loosely based on several mysteries within Nigeria's intriguing political space. Amazing Grace is the first of 3 shorts based in one location about a veteran drug courier, caught in between the devil and the dip blue sea. She must now find a way out all by herself after she is sold out to the authorities by her powerful boss.

  • Starring Seun AJayi and Najite Dede
  • Written and Directed by Daniel Etim Effiong
  • Produced by Lala Akindoju
  • Photographed by Kagho Idhebor Crowther
  • Editted by Mohammed Atta

Courtesy Blue Graffiti Films

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