Corrupt Girls Nigerian Movie (Part 2)

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The Part 2 of Corrupt Girls Nigerian Movie is also showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Starring Oge Okoye, Ini Edo, Sandra Achums, Chigozie Atuanya, Larry Koldsweat, and Benita Nzeribe. Watch, comment and share!

Movie Storyline: When a woman spends her money to train her brother from another mother, little did she know that lots of pains await her. An intriguing story of love, betrayal and greed. You are watching Corrupt Girls Part 2.

The Nigerian Nollywood movie "Corrupt Girls" is a sequel to "Sinful Game" and it's about a young girl growing up in the midst of poverty and immorality yet desires to live a decent and successful life.

Video courtesy AFOREVO on YouTube

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