Chima Movie Empire Production - BUSTED LIFE (Trailer)

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Busted Life Nigerian Nollywood Movie - Starring Ramsey Nouah, Chet Anekwe, Chuck Kendall, Emmanuel Mensah. Special appearances by: Pascal Atuma, Princess Pursia, Bianka Johnson, Prince Augustine.

Directed by Bayo Akinfemi
Cinematography & Editing by Black Magic Tim
Coming to your local theater this winter 2011.

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  • fendoshka

    nigeria moveis are good ces la boom

  • Monique Jordan

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh My God! This is the real thing. Africans should be proud of this one. It's clearly a MASTERPIECE! I'm truely speechless.. This movie Busted Life is for BIg screen. All that put his wonderful job together... May you all be rewarded for this awesome piece. To be be honesty with you friends, this movie will surely clean up globally. This is really tight!

  • Nkya

    I hop it will be fantastic

  • Jesey, NY

    This is a big Hit Busted Life. More of this Please!!! I'm proud of this. Something Different entirely. Nothing like this in Nollywood to be earnest. I can pay to watch this in a Big Screen. It worths it!
    Busted Life..Awesome!


    I like ur movie

  • Double Tee

    No Doubt!!! This should be Hot Too!! i saw Paparazzi in the theater in the USA. The Sound and Picture were AMAZING!!! and the same people did that movie too.. I dont know which was first tho.. The Chima Flix or the Paparazzi but Bayo Directed them both! and some Magic Dude

    check out paparazzi to yall im excited for nollywood

  • Paul Awilo

    This is Nollywood going Hollywood...and one of the best naija movies with a reasonable title. cant wait to get a copy when it comes out.

    @Kor. the movie should be playing in silverbird and ozone cinemas in nigeria, but we are still waiting for the movie here in maryland, u.s.a


  • sistainora1

    Yes this one is it. I can imagine lines of people of all ethnics will line up to see this movie 4 real. Once the popular radio stations here get the promos and see that it will put this city/state on the map cause it was made here it will give 5 stars.

  • kor

    nice movie real want to whitch it wehere can i get it

  • Phil Lambo

    Yes, this movie is the bomb! This is hollywood quality times 10. Naija has really improved :) By the way I'm in the United states...does anyone know when this movie is coming out in the theater or stores? I dont wanna miss it o