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Continue watching Breath of Love Nigerian Movie (Part 2), a romantic film starring Ramsey Nouah, Chika Ike, Chigozie Atuanya, Halima Abubakar, Ruth Kadiri, Vincent Opurum. The movie was released few years ago, and we had to bring it back to NMN because the story it depicts is very interesting.

Breath of Love Nigerian movie Storyline: Writing with the warmth, honesty and compassion that has attracted such a loyal following. Grace (Chika Ike) now charts a new path toward spiritual growth and renewal as a Christian. In the sight of her friends.......she is timid when romance is mentioned. Journey to the heart came to her when she least expected it. Falling in love with Ahmed (Ramsey Noah) discomforted and inspired all, as they begin to discover reality in the world. Connecting even more deeply with their religion. The question is can a muslim and a Christian get married? Will the creative force, differences in religion and mystery in the world affect the relationship between Grace and Ahmed?

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  • regina asaba

    My Goodness, this movie is the best movie i ever watched. Chika Ike you are awesome! May God continue to increase your talent until you accomplish your highest goals.

  • alinaitwe harriet

    I cant get part 2 & 3 please load them on u-tube too

  • alinaitwe harriet