Brazilian Hair Babes Nigerian Nollywood Movie - Part 2

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The saga continues in... Brazilian Hair Babes Nigerian movie Part 2 - starring Angela Okorie, Nuella Njubuigbo, Ruth Kadiri, among other Nollywood acts. Watch, Comment & Share Nigerian movies you like!

How far can girls go just to make ends meet and live the so called flamboyant life? Ashira (Nuella Njubigboh) the seventh daughter of god Megoh is sent to the world  to win souls for her father's kingdom in exchange for unlimited wealth and flashy things that ladies desire.Hell is about to break loose in the face of desperation, as Gracia (Angela Okorie) and Glory (Amanda Ebiye) learn of the consequences they have to pay for all the luxury.What happens after gaining the whole world and living the good life?


The continuation of Brazilian Hair Babes is Brazilian Hair War Nigerian movie. Comment below to let us know what you think of this movie.


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