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The conclusion to Born With Tears Nigerian movie (Part 2), is also showing on Nigeria Movie Network. The movie stars Patience Ozokwor, Muna Obiekwe, Ime Bishop Umoh, Chinyere Nwabueze, Patience Akwa Brown. 

Born With Tears tell the story about a young pregnant woman who managed to survive without funds or shelter and becomes successful.

Born with Tears Nigerian Movie - Youtube
Movie Synopsis: As a result of securing greener pastures, Jacob abandons his young pregnant Rita and elopes. She dies at the point of delivering her daughter Angela. The abandonment leaves the vulnerable Angela to grow up in a hostile environment fending for herself as a child.

Luck later shined on her and she leaves her guardian Agnes and goes to live with Agnes cousin who loves and wants to help her through university in a far away city. 

Born With Tears Nollywood movie is produced by John Brown. Movie Directors: Fred Mayford and Andy Nnawuihe. Brought to you courtesy Black Movie Channel on YouTube.

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