Beyonce The President's Daughter Ghanaian Movie (Part 2)

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The romantic story continues in the part 2 of....Beyonce The President's Daughter Ghanaian Movie. It stars Van Vicker, Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro, Kalsum Sinari, Hakeem Sharal, and Ekow Freeman.

Movie Review from IMDB: Beyonce is the President's daughter. Wealthy and spoilt, anything she wants she gets. This includes Raj. Beyonce meets Raj whilst out shopping and approaches him in a forward manner, showering him with compliments and then paying his bill before handing over her phone number.

Raj and Ciara, the poor orphan the girl who saves him are estranged after the hospital incident, although there is not a moment that he is not thinking about her, wanting to find her and thank her for saving his life. He does eventually find her and they begin dating. Whilst Beyonce is falling in love with Raj (pronounced Rush by most in the film), he at the same time is declaring his love for Ciara and even goes so far as to break her virginity. He also announces his intention to marry her, all the while juggling the two women.

Why are the two main female characters named after black American pop stars?

The deceit comes to light one day when Raj comes home with Ciara (to introduce her to the family) and finds Beyonce sitting on the sofa with his mother and sisters. He sees unperturbed by this sight, and with his arm cosily around Ciara he introduces her to all in the room as his fiancée and Beyonce as "The lady who has been so kind to us." Eiwoooooooooooo! The shock in Beyonce's face, to be treated as she were some kindly philanthropist.

Beyonce in a rage takes Raj out for "a word." Ciara steps outside shortly afterwards and hears the whole conversation. She now knows that Raj has been cheating on her and is highly distraught. In his defence he exclaims,

"I had to sleep with her. She came on too strong and I couldn't resist."

After being rejected by Raj Beyonce starts her mission to break up his relationship with Ciara by any means necessary.

Beyonce - The President's Daughter is directed by Frank Rajah Arase.

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