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Na who resemble dem Papa pass: Linc Edochie or Yul Edochie?

Published: by NMN (Staff) Filed under: Nollywood Gist - 112,513 Views

#NollywoodGist: Nigeria Movie Network recently shared a throwback photo of legendary Nollywood actor Pete Edochie, suggesting that he looked more like a younger version of one of his sons, Yul Edochie. However, some NMN members on our Facebook page suggest that Pete looked more like his other son instead, Linc Edochie, while others agreed he does resemble Yul Edochie.

Na who resemble dem Papa pass: Linc Edoche or Yul Edochie?

To settle the matter, we put together this photo of father Pete Edochie and two of his sons who are also actors, with Yul Edochie being the most popular of the pair.

Both Linc Edochie and Yul Edochie, resemble their father (Pete Edochie) in many aspect and/or features. But since some fans are saying one son resemble their father more than the other; we want to hear/read your opinion on this entertaining debate on Nigeria Movie Network.

➠ Na who resemble dem Papa pass: Linc Edochie or Yul Edochie?



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  • Angela

    Linc na resemble he father pass yul

  • Tessy


  • NtN

    Linc resembles his father more than yul. Linc has the same character and gastures as his father while yul has his father's vvoic.

  • Stanlosman

    linc resemble the papa pas

  • chidinma

    Your comment. yul is the oga kpatakapta of his fadas carbon picture

  • tempest

    Your comment linc resembles the father more

  • ochuko

    Linc is just a replica of his father

  • queen

    linc is d father

  • Emerald Princess Blinks

    Linc resembles his father more than yul

  • Erhunmwonsere precious

    Your comment. Linc na d cabon copy of dere papa