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Who is the Most Controversial Nollywood Actress of 2014?

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#Nollywood Gist: Who would you say is the Most Controversial Nollywood Actress of 2014? Some of your favorite actresses were recently mentioned in a list of controversial Nollywood actresses of the just concluded 2014 year; citing names of those who shook the public with the drama in their real life. Some of the names mentioned includes Funke AkindeleGenevieve NnajiTonto DikehIyabo Ojo, and Ini Edo. Nigeria Movie Network is gistin' the global Nollywood audience! 

There's a new poll published on NollywoodSocial by Kevin Onuma, asking for your vote on 'Who is the Most Controversial Nollywood Actress of 2014?'. Endeavor to vote on the NollywoodSocial poll so we know who among the mentioned five actresses is actually the most controversial last year. 

For the meantime, follow Nigeria Movie Network as we take a brief look at each nominated actress's controversial lifestyle, below.  

As for Funke Akindele, her real life controversy started when her overdue age of marriage pushed her to take the role of 2nd wife (or was it 3rd, 4th?) when she married businessman Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede. The marriage barely lasted a year, which many initially foresee won't last long. See what Funke's ex-husband had to say about the breakup: 

  • "It’s with heavy heart that am announcing the separation of me and ma wife Mrs olufunke akindele, we’ve both agreed to go our separate ways coz of irreconcilable differences. we still best of friends nd we 4ever remain gud friends. Am doing just fine, gettn along without u, don’t need u anymore in ma life. u d greatest mistake av made in recent time." -Kehinde Oloyede (Funke's ex-husband) 
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As for Genevieve Nnaji, her controversies has always had something to do with relationships, who she's dating or having a fling with, or talks (pressure) about her finally settling down with a soul mate. Her daughter controversy that many continue to inquire and report about, is also trending year after year. Not to mention her cleavage-baring dressing that once had social media in a frenzy. We recently reported that fear of divorce could be what's preventing Genevieve Nnaji from marrying. 

As for Tonto Dikeh, her own too much! Some suggests it's like she eats controversies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is also known to pick fight with anybody and everybody including her fans if their opinions gets into her. If it's not a new tattoo, then it's fight on movie location or beef with someone on social media, to name a few. But don't take this the wrong way. Tonto Dikeh is an incredible celebrity, her performance and strength in curbing attention cannot be matched with no other Nigerian celebrity. She is one of the most popular actress in Nollywood, and has a growing huge fan base and pokolets supporting her all the way. 

In the case of Iyabo Ojo, her controversies has something to do with sex scandals and picking a fight with a colleague, Lizzy Anjorin to the extent that other colleagues and industry stakeholders had to interfere to help squash the quarrel. Iyabo Ojo is also negatively in the news for selling skin lightening, breast and butt enlargement, and other controversial cosmetic services. 

As for Ini Edo, her controversies is one of the most talked about in the news industry, on social media, and among her global fans. Her marriage to Philip Ehiagwina, which was trenched in many pregnancy rumors, is seen to be controversial even before they tied the knot because she was rumored to have ‘snatched’ him from Ruth Okoro, a model and Nollywood actress based in the U.S. Now Ini Edo is single again and have moved into a multi-million naira house in Lekki which she reportedly bought with her own hard-earned money. But many criticize her for not having any children and no husband or family structure of her own. 

  • So, who would you say is the Most Controversial Nollywood Actress of 2014? Share your thoughts and opinion on Nigeria Movie Network
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  • wendy

    Your comment i love ini edo most

  • sommy

    tonto dike of course

  • mariam

    Tonto dikeh

  • Patronella Mazarura

    Tonto Dikeh

  • Isaiah Alexander Anderson

    Tonto Dike befits the "Most Controversial Nollywood Actress 2014" title. I read series of controversies associated to her(some of which are mentioned above) not forgetting her musical career too. Lol! She's the Queen of Controversies and has my vote. #Tonto

  • Jessica

    I think its tonto dike. I dislike her personality. She is not fit for a roll- model.