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What Mike Ezuruonye said about Sex & Money for Roles in Nollywood

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Nollywood News: First it was sex for roles in Nollywood movies, where women are mostly the victims. Nothing concrete was done by the industry to tackle the issue. Now it has escalated to both sex and money for roles in Nigerian movies, where both women and men are equally victims. Nigeria Movie Network brings to your attention, what popular actor Mike Ezuruonye said about sex and money for roles in Nollywood, and how he handles his business when offered movie roles. 

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In a recent report by Daily Independent titled 'Nollywood Stars Differ On Sex for Role', Mike Ezuruonye was one of the actors who reacted to the shameful act. Mike described the sex for role development as a desperate move by fame seekers to be in the limelight at all cost. 

Mike Ezu noted that in the midst of this development, up and coming actors are not ready to develop themselves in the craft; rather they are after the fame. 

Wonderboy Mike also explained that the reason it looks as if he was no more in the industry was that he selects the scripts that are brought to his table so as not to offend his fans. Mike said, in quote: 

"I've been very selective with the movies I feature in now. You'll get to a level you have to be careful about the kind of roles and movies you accept and still not offend your fans because you owe them a lot of allegiance." 

"So, I believe I should be acting in movies that will put me in a better light and help take my career forward to the next level," Mike said. 

On a popular Nollywood Community group on Facebook, up and coming actors (or wannabes) are constantly seeking how to break into the booming Nigerian film industry--colloquially called Nollywood. How does Nollywood and Actors Guild of Nigeria ensure aspiring actors don't fall prey to film-makers who charge sex or money to star in their movies? 

Nollywood actors and AGN should come out and give their best advice on how aspiring Nollywood actors can avoid getting scammed by crooked film-makers scheming on social media, those organizing fake auditions, and those demanding sex or money for roles. 

And those who were brave or stupid enough to pay their way through sex or money--to get movie roles in Nollywood; let them come (anonymously) and let us know on Nigeria Movie Network; if it in fact paid off or not. Or, is it wrong to ask these questions? Share your thoughts on Nigeria Movie Network

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  • gentle

    Its true.BT did does not only hapn in Bollywood BT Nigeria as a ders a quote dey use in backing it up,"nothing goes for nothing".jobs,admission,promotion,ect is no longer by merit BT money or sex.its evry were ad Nigerians should fight against it.not just nollywood BT all of frnds the change stars from me ad you.not give bripes or ur bdy,ad don't collect.wat is urs is urs.

  • senorita odigeli

    Thanks 4 ds great new D both are 2 be blame and may God help nollywood 2 better

  • nnanna prince victor

    Its a matter of choice mike,am a producer also and we don't force any one to sex for a role, if a producer or a director should demand sex for a role, u shouldn't blame him but rather the lady who gives in for his desire,,if the lady will stop giving in to the desire then dis will surely stop,.as for me I don't award role bcos u offer me sex,I offer base on merit,.if u can give me what I want in my script den the role is urs,. And mike don't also forget that some times dis ladies are always the ones promising to offer their body just to get a role, like one lady who came to my office the other day seducing me and begging me to sleep with her just to get a role, she really wants to feature in a movie,.we all human so in situation like dis if care is not taken u give in to it,.. SO Don't BlaMe ThE PrODuCeRs AlOnE ok,. Add for bbm if want a role 29952149 or whatsapp 08103804262...

  • janenjagi

    You are God sent Mike

  • Buba


  • joy Mutava

    Its totally joy and am in kenya very much interested in acting nollwood movies bt no cinnection hv got......there is this man trying to tell me to sent 5000 kenyan shilling for registration and will work for everything until i get Nigeria op hes a coneman help me pliz

  • Marco davis

    This is quite true......your not only an actor.....bro.....your an inspiration..... blessings...

  • vanvictor

    mike ua all right it bcme ashameful to our little young generation to loct them or let them view such ofencive movies

  • Olisa Janet

    You are right Mike. it is abnormal for one to be seeking something with something especially in Nollywood. I discovered that the Nollywood industry work on trade by bater which is too bad.

  • amina

    i waisted my time in a movie role, iwas just shown for 2 sec because reasons best known to them or because idid not give them any money. more over i was not paid'