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Vote Mr Ibu for President, as John Okafor campaigns for Head of State

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Popular Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, fondly called Mr Ibu by fans, may have declared his 2015 Nigeria political ambition when a funny poster of him dressed like Goodluck Jonathan, made its way to the internet. This just goes to show the GEJ administration is a joke, and a movie needs to be made that depicts the height of corruption in the nation's political cabinet. 

Vote Mr Ibu for President, IBU is Our Man!

Do you have your voters card ready? Since almost everyone in Nollywood is running to politics these days, get ready to vote Mr Ibu for President, as John Okafor campaigns for Head of State. "IBU is Our Man!" (The People's Choice).

As you can see from the campaign poster, Mr Ibu's political party is "APDP" which stands for "Alliance for People's Democratic Party".  Also in the campaign poster, is Francis Odega as "Achara Ike", who is contesting for Vice President office.

The NMN Team is not yet sure if the campaign poster is suppose to be a stunt for a possible comic Nollywood movie yet to be produced.

Nevertheless, the idea is a good one, and a Nollywood film-maker ought to explore the opportunity, but the movie should also expose the corruption and negligence in Nigeria's political system. This is why the late Abami Eda (Fela) says democracy na demonstration of craze.

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