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Rate Uche Ogbodo's new photos on a scale of 1 to 10

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Fashion & Style: New photos of Nollywood diva Uche Ogbodo is trailing the web again, and contrary to her initial fiery red hair pictures, the naturally beautiful Nollywood actress is seen in this new photos spotting a new hair do. However, on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate Uche Ogbodo's new pics on Nigeria Movie Network

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo new photos as of May 2013.


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Uche Ogbodo Interview: I don’t break hearts, rather I mend hearts

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Uche Ogbodo is one of the hottest rising actresses  in Nollywood today.  Though people have associated her name with controversy, she is still an actress to behold. After the alleged fight she had with an actor cum popular comedian Kingsley Ogbonna  on a movie set,few years ago, and the recent face-off she also had with a marketer, who accused her of delaying his production, Uche has maintained a steady rise to stardom since hitting the screen in 2006. She recounts the story of her journey to stardom and the many controversies that trails her acting career...

Six years  after

I have grown in so many ways. Emotionally and spiritually, I have become more matured. I have also  made a name for myself in the industry as a star. Anywhere I’m going today, it opens the doors of favour for me. I thank God for everything He has done for me. It has been a memorable journey to stardom.

Any record of misgiving, disappointment or ugly incident so far

Since my debut in the industry in 2006, I have not recorded any misgiving , disappointment or ugly incident. But there was one that I had recently which affected me. It was the fight I had with a marketer called AMACO Investment.

It was one incident, I really regretted. I never knew I could get  such an assault from Nollywood. I don’t care because I’m more stronger today. I can always overcome any challenge that comes my way at this moment.

Allegation of abandoning the set

I can’t answer that question. If you are asking me what happened between myself and the marketer, I will tell you my own side of the story. But I don’t want to  talk about the incident now because I’m putting it on hold at the moment.

I want to institute a legal action against the marketer. But  his association somehow intervened and appealed to me to put it on hold  for some time. I have a lot of respects for  their judgment, and the  manner in which they handled the matter so far.

Misunderstood in the industry! 

Yes, I have been  misunderstood in several ways. But I don’t see it as a challenge because I don’t have anybody to complain  to, except my God, who created me.

One think I know I cannot do today is to hurt a fly. I’m a different person, but people judge me based on the roles that I played  in movies. I want the world to know that my job is a professional one. If I’m not able to interprete my role very well, I wouldn’t be as  successful as I am in the industry today. I’m a successful actress  because I’m able to interprete my roles in movies very well.

And that’s why producers are inviting me to star in their movies.  I try to put in my best in interpreting my scripts no matter how bad or good the role I’m playing is. I see it as a challenge. But one thing about me is that I like to surprise my fans. Acting comes from the inside of me.

Negative stories about me

It makes me feel bad, but it doesn’t make me want to shield tears. Why? Because I know who I am, and I also know the kind of people that I meet in my day to day activities. I know the people who  are closer to me very well, and they know me too.

I don’t care what anybody would write about me. There are so many ‘rubbishes’  that had been written about me in the past. But I know who I am, and that’s why I remain unshakable.  They are only destroying themselves, as people actually see them as unserious people.  However, bad press sometimes turns out to be good press. May be, they were writing all those rubbishes to promote my works and my personality.

Projecting a new brand 

I re-brand myself almost every year because I need to look good. I’m a kind of projecting a new identity for myself; trying to make myself a brand that people will appreciate. A brand that can sell any product. As a star, I need to re-brand every year. I think it is a good idea that I re-brand myself.

What makes me sexy  

Everything about me makes sexy; my diction, the aura  that I carry about, and the way I dress also makes me sexy. I wear what I feel comfortable in. Actually, before I leave my house every day, I sample so many of my clothes to see which one of them will fit my style. I’m crazy about fashion and accessories. They are the basic things a woman needs.

Keeping low profile

I like to keep a low profile, that’s why I’m not seen all over the places like my colleagues.

My love life

Love has been kind to me. I’m in a relationship at the moment. But I’m not married, I still searching. I’m still waiting upon the Lord. If He says, that the man I dating presently will be my husband, so be it.

Heart breaker!

I don’t break hearts, rather I mend  hearts. I have never been heart broken in my life. And I have never broken anybody’s heart.

My life on campus

I was never a bad girl on campus, and I have never been a bad girl. That’s the truth, I’m a very homely girl. I’m very religious and prayerful.

My kind of man

Honest and good-looking men with an enviable dress sense trips me.  Men who have good sense of tyle and the fear of God.

Existence of lesbians  in Nollywood

I only hear of its existence, but I’m not one of them. I have never had any encounter with them. I’m not a lesbian.

Did I set out to become an actress?

 I didn’t, it was something that came by accident. My father brought me into Nollywood. I never knew anything about the industry until father encouraged me to go into acting. I have been doing drama since I was a kid.  At the time, I had just finished my secondary education, he came home one day and told me he had something I might be interested in. He told me he had a link to Nollywood. He told me he met someone who could introduce me into the industry.

That was it. The next day, my father got me registered with Actors Guild of Nigeria. My father believes in me, and also in my talent. He wanted everything about me to be expanded, he knows me too well and he knows also that nothing can influence me. So, I appreciate my father for the role he played in my life.

Movie that challenged me

I try to put everything in me into any role I’m asked to interprete. So, any role I played in a particular movie have been as challenging as the role I played in another movie. I put all my energies into the role. But at the moment, I haven’t done that movie that will challenge me more than every other role I have played in the recent times. I’m yet to shoot that movie.

My dream  

In the next five years, I intend to get married and be in my husband’s house.

My selling point

Every part of my body is a selling point, particularly my eyes and my mouth.


By Benjamin Njoku

Source: Vanguard

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