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Nollywood actress Uche Jombo debunks plastic surgery rumors

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Nollywood actress Uche Jombo-Rodriguez was recently a victim of false rumor, with some asserting that the actress did plastic surgery on her nose and face. Well, Uche Jombo have debunked such rumours.

Below is a photo we put together, showing Mrs Uche Jombo Rodriguez response to the rumour monger on Twitter.

The false rumor must be due to the fact that Uche Jombo has been spending more time in the US lately since her marriage to her American husband, Kenny Rodriguez. As you may have heard, Uche Jombo recently applied for her American drivers license, but heard to do some visual eye examination which is a common requirement in the US.

Do you have any supporting comments for Uche Jombo? or a word against the rumor mongers spreading false information about the Nollywood actress getting a nose and face job? We'd love to hear your opinion below.
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News reaching us confirms authoritatively that one of the most eligible spinsters in Nollywood, Uche Jombo, is set to quit spinsterhood to become a married actress.

Although she has been keeping the date of her marriage and even the man that has stolen her heart secret, we can tell you that contrary to the widely circulated story that she will be alter bound with a popular footballer, the man who wooed her is a US-based business man called Chidi, but his friends call him “Chi Boy”.

The wedding according to our findings will be coming up in the last quarter of the year.

According to our source, they both met during one of Uche’s frequent trips to the United States.

Uche, who is one of the most hardworking actresses in Nollywood told a close pal she will not disclose the identity of the man, or celebrate it until all plans have been concluded.

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Van Vicker Arrested For Gun Possession, Uche Jombo Intervenes

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With every disappointment comes a blessing. Van Vicker was arrested for gun possession last weekend in Nigeria. He was billed to attend the just concluded Africa Movie Academy Awards in Lagos on Sunday but missed the event due to unforeseen circumstances. The actor had flown into Nigeria, with several fake guns, which he had intended to use in his upcoming movie, until officials at the airport ruined his day.

Van Vicker in an action movie

Van was reported to have been arrested by some men of the State Security Services (SSS) at the airport in Nigeria when some guns were found in his luggage during inspection. He told the SSS that they were props guns brought in for a movie, but that did not convinced the SSS enough, and took him down to their office in Ikoyi, Lagos for further investigation, where he spent the night.

Fortunately for Van Vicker, he tried nearby family members and a close colleague, Uche Jombo, who was already at the AMAA awards to intervene his arrest as soon as possible.

We learnt that Mr. Vicker sent a message using his BlackBerry Messager (BBM) to Uche Jombo, which she didn’t receive due too low battery, but was later received the next day.

Reportedly, Uche arrived at the SSS office and helped with the release of the fair skinned actor, when contacted. She informed the public it was Prop guns from which the actor had acquired from the States and was for use in his upcoming movie titled ‘Forest’. Van Vicker runs Sky+ Orange Production which is producing the movie with cast members including Stella Damasus , Nana Ama from Ghana, Mc Brown from Ghana and a host of others.

Van Vicker took a safe trip back to Ghana, but without the prop guns, which the security officials asked him to call for later.

Question: What is your opinion about the unnecessary intimidation with Van Vicker by Nigeria's State Security Services? Were they right to have confiscated his fake guns intended to shoot a movie?

The Nigerian airport security authorities have been likely to harass and interrogate Nollywood celebs ever since the Baba Suwe cocaine saga, which he was falsely accused by Nigerian authorities.

Are they right to have confiscated Van Vicker's fake guns? This same guns were cleared to be safe by the Ghana airport security officials, but why does that of Nigeria has to be different?
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