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Tonto Dike picks on Charles Novia via Twitter

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This was Tonto Dike's controversial tweet on her Twitter account directed at director Charles Nova:

@tontolet “Dis is 2a dumb azz man + producer+ director Charles Novia or wateva**Itz a matter of we never getting 2 meet cos den u'll knw miii bitch**”

We don't know the genesis of this matter but anyone can tell that all is not well between beautiful and young fast-rising actress, Tonto Dike and movie and one-time music video producer, Charles Novia.

Charles Novia has been around Nigeria's entertainment industry for a long time. Tonto on the other hand came into the scene in 2009, three years after she competed in popular talent hunt- Next Movie Star. She emerged first runner up.

Tonto is currently embroiled in controversy over a sexually explicit role she played in her most recent movie- Dirty Secrets. Whatever issues she has with movie producer Charles Novia, that has warranted such statements on Twitter, including calling herself a bitch, this emerging screen siren may need to slow down and have a rethink. This is still Africa, and elders are to be respected, regardless.

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I didn't act nude - Tonto Dike speaks

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You'll recall that Tonto Dike has been under virulent criticism for acting a “nude scene” in Dirty Secret. Many accuse her of debasing African culture while others said “… she was only being professional…”.

Tonto hasn't spoken on the whole saga but on Twitter last week, we got her respond to some questions and one major argument she put up was her being professional. According to her “…all I know is that I'm asked to interpret a character in a story and I do my best to achieve that. That is my job…”.

However, respected Nollywod actor, Charles Okafor thinks differently as he believes that “… lack of fear of God is responsible for such tendency among actors adding that when we overreach the barricade of decency, propriety, fear of God and decorum , actors hide behind the deceptive veneer of professionalism...may Nollywood not transmute to pornwood. You may wish to have Tonto call me…” he said.

But Tonto said she didn't act a nude scene . “Seriously Sam, of the over 30 movies I've been in, in how many did I act nude scenes? Maybe the question we should ask is, what is the universally accepted definition of a “nude scene”? I've never done a nude scene and I doubt the NFVCB would approve a movie with any lewd scene. All I know is I'm asked to interpret a character in a story and I do my best to achieve that. That is my job”, she said.

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