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Strange voice in my head says 'go and steal' -Yetunde Akilapa

by NMN (Staff) / 4,955 Views

Many of you must have already read multiple news reports about the Nollywood actress addicted to stealing; Yetunde Akilapa is in the news again as a strange voice in her head continue telling her to 'go and steal'. If this is true, do you think somebody jazz her up with the juju of stealing? Share your thoughts on Nigeria Movie Network!

Caption: Photo of Yetunde Akilapa after she was caught stealing 

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Mercy Johnson and Motherhood: Actress takes her daughter swimming

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When you have been craving or longing for something, you have to live it to the fullest once you've finally achieved your goal. This is true with Mercy Johnson, who appears to be living and enjoying the motherhood she has always wanted. Mama Purity today shared new pictures, where she's seen swimming with her daughter Purity Ozioma Okojie; Nigeria Movie Network is reporting. What a splendid way for the Okojies to start off the new year!