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Another twist to the story, Jim Iyke's friend explains how the fight in Ghana ensued

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#Nollywood Gist: There's a new twist to the report on Jim Iyke's fight in Ghana over $10K as his Ghanaian friend explains to the media how the fight between Jim and a business colleague broke out and why Jim Iyke is innocent of the offense he's being blamed for by few Ghanaian media outlets; Nigeria Movie Network have gathered.

Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke stands between his cars

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Nollywood Fight Brewing Between Mercy Johnson And Colleague

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According to fresh gist from an eye witness grapevine, there might be another big war to break out in the movie industry between Mercy Johnson and another colleague of hers, Collette Orji. This is according to report from NigeriaFilms.

As we learnt, the two beautiful actresses, who were once in good rapport and have both worked together on some movie projects, which include Strength Of A Woman, Diary Of A Player, and others, are now enemies of each other.

The gist getting tous confirms that trouble started when Chika Ike was getting too close to Collette, who is also an Abuja based actress as Chika Ike. This development, we learnt, did not go down well with Mercy Johnson, who believed Chika Ike should not be associated with non A-list actors in Nollywood.

As we were told, Mercy confronted Chika Ike about this, but Chika didn’t heed to the advice by Mercy Johnson not to associate herself with Collette.

According to the source who confidently divulged this information to us, this step by Chika not to let go of Collette has a bit strained the relationship between Mercy Johnson and Chika Ike.

The source which witnessed the brouhaha further told NigeriaFilms that Mercy Johnson and Collette were on a movie set this month in Festac, Lagos, but trouble almost broke out when Mercy Johnson told Collette to stand up from a sit she was sitting on.

“We thought both of them would fight each other when Mercy Johnson told Collette to stand up, but Collette didn’t say a word to her. We had smelt trouble when Mercy Johnson did that act, but Collette showed maturity on her side,” the source told NigeriaFilms.

The source further said that, “another funny incident was a scene that is yet to be shot, where Mercy’s Jeep was used as prop in the movie, and you know what? That was the car that Collette and Frank Artus and Maureen Solomon would be in for the scene.

“But when Mercy Johnson learnt that Collette would be in her car for that scene shot, she drove her jeep away from the location and gave an excuse of having an urgent call to attend to outside the location. We all know that she does not want Collette enter her car.”

We also learnt from our source that the scene is yet to be shot by now..

Story by Osaremen Ehi James | NigeriaFilms

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Sex or lovemaking is supposed to be dynamic - Chidi Mokeme speaks

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In an interview with Chidi Mokeme, the Nollywood actor suggests sex or lovemaking to speak, is meant to be dynamic, but that most people are timid about it, or prefer to pretend they enjoy the normal sex routine meanwhile deep inside of them they are dying to explore other options and get adventurous.

Chidi Mokeme Photo

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