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Why I produce films in Edo language

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Foremost Nollywood producer and director, Lancelot Oduah Imasuen has many creative works like Yesterday and recently Home in exile to his credit. The Edo State Lagos-based director has continued to strive for excellence in his chosen career.

As a child, Imasuen had the dream of becoming a lawyer, but he later followed his passion when he ventured into movie making. Today, he is content and fulfilled with his achievements after fifteen years in the motion picture industry. But, he still believes that the industry can be better if film-makers get their priorities right.

While speaking to Daily Sun at his Surulere studio, Imasuen revealed that his recent foray into language movies is aimed at reaching out to Nigerians through their mother tongue. This would help preserve African culture aside achieving the re-orientation of people in indigenous languages. He also spoke on issues affecting Nollywood, his most tragic moment on set and his project 101 among other issues.

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Making language movies
I tag my language movies Celebrating and sustaining the Edo language, it signifies a cultural initiative and rejuvenation for me. I discovered that there is so much in our indigenous languages that is not being tapped and there is a general decline of our culture and language, hence the need to reach out to viewers through indigenous language. If you cannot speak your mother tongue in Africa, you are considered lost and the speed with which we imitate western values is very alarming.

As a talented filmmaker, I have decided to embark on cultural re-orientation with Language movies so as to give something different to viewers. I still do English movies, but I feel I owe it to the Edo Kingdom to document films in our indigenous languages. Another reason is to reach out to those in Diaspora, as an avenue to connect Nigerians to their motherland. The movies deal with topical issues that affect us as a people such as greed, human trafficking, prostitution and the roles families play in encouraging these social vices. Some of them are Ebuwa and Obama.

My experience as a film-maker

I have been in the industry for 15 years as a movie producer and director. It has been a wonderful experience for me and very interesting too. I can Read more »