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Mr. and Mrs., a Nollywood movie, now out on DVD in Nigeria

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The Nollywood movie MR and MRS, starring Joseph Benjamin and Nse Ikpe-Etim is now out on DVD in local movie stores across Nigeria. The official DVD release date in Nigeria was August the 20th, according to Chinwe Egwuago. 

The Nigerian movie, Mr & Mrs, is a story of couples whose marriages are threatened by age old economic and social divisions in the society. It tells the story of Susan Abbiah (played by Nse Ikpe-Etim), a lawyer who is holed up in a marriage that has been engulfed with issues from differences in the social strata.

Her husband, Kenneth Abbiah (played by Joseph Benjamin), a rich son of a Senator is bent on not letting the world know of his wife's background and decides to keep her in the kitchen where he believes she belongs.

It is important to note that the movie "Mr and Mrs", first became available on DVD in Ghana a few weeks ago, August 9th to be exact - so many Ghanaians got to enjoy the movie at the comfort of their home before now. 

Mr and Mrs is a production work of Chinwe Egwuagu, and directed by Ikechuwku Onyeka.

Watch MR and MRS Trailer

Nollywood Trailer - MR & MRS (Official Trailer)

Below is the synopsis:

Susan Abbah (Nse Ikpe-Etim) a lawyer is holed-up in a marriage that has been engulfed by the social strata. Kenneth Abbah (Joseph Benjamin) is bent on  not letting the world know of his wife's background.

Linda (Thelma Okoduwa), a busy wife is in control of her marriage. Charles (Paul Apel) her husband is the 'pefect' man. What is the meaning of the union Marriage?
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Photos: “Married But Living Single” -Joke Silva, Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin

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Nollywood film producers and directors are changing the way production of movies are being made in the Nollywood of today. Big budget thrillers, quality images, all star casts, suspense filled stories and much more are some of the benefits you can expect from the new generation of Nollywood film-making; and the soon to be released reality movie “Married but Living Single” is definitely no exception.

(Joseph Benjamin and Funke Akindele)

Apart from the all star cast featuring some of Nigeria’s most talented actors like Joke Silva, Funke 'Jenifa'Akindele, Joseph Benjamin, Tina Mba, Femi Brainard and many more, the movie has a buzz worthy story line presently affecting some marriages in Nigeria.

Inspired by a book written by Pastor Femi Fasheun (Resident KICC Pastor), the movie revolves around women, their career and family ties. It depicts the challenges faced by career women in the contemporary society as to their ability to blend between career and the family.

Married but Living Single” – The Story Line...

Kate (Funke Akindele) works in an Ad agency with an overbearing boss played by Joke Silva. Kate is totally engrossed in her career at the expense of her family so much that she chose her career as against accompanying her husband Patrick (Joseph Benjamin) to India for surgery. Her neglect for the only child of the family is epitomized in the daughter’s love for only the father and even a stranger Titi (Kiki Omeli) who turned out to be her mother’s competitor at work and husband’s mistress.

The movie was directed by Tunde Olaoye and produced by Kalejaiye Adeboye Paul (KAP) and it is going to be screened in cinemas in the UK, South Africa, U.S.A and Nigeria in May 2012.

Joseph Benjamin and Funke Akindele Bedroom Scene

Funke Akindele and Joseph Benjamin Bedroom Scene #2

Funke Akindele and Joseph on set having lunch... C'mon smile Joe :)

Funke Akindele and Joke Silva on set

Tina Mba and Funke Akindele on set (Love advice anyone? )

Madam Joke Silva on set

Make-up artists fixing up Joseph Benjamin

Crew workers setting up accessories

Joseph Benjamin and Funke Akindele ( Cute couples huh? :P )

Click Here To Watch The Official Trailer: "Married But Living Single"

Photo Credits: Ayo Akindele for Neecee Entertainment, and partly Bella Naija
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