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Susan Peters says no to Black men, but says "I do" to White men, as she marries a Dutch

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E be like say some of our Nollywood Actresses wan take style dey deceive us say e better to marry white men, instead of marrying our strong, handsome and family-oriented African Black Men to father our children and help continue building the Black race. This is because Susan Peters has joined the likes of Ufuoma Ejenobor-McDermott, who have taken a liken to marrying white men, as if the world has ran out of Black Men to father our children. 

Susan Peters says no to Black men, but says "I do" to White men, as she marries a Dutch

Nollywood actress Susan Peters recently exchanged marital vows with her unknown Dutch lover identified as Koen at a private ceremony in Lagos. See more photos from Susan Peters wedding below.

The couple did their wedding registry at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry in Lagos, which was witnessed by family, friends, and some of her colleagues including Emem Isong, Desmond Elliot, Rita Dominic, Ify Okeke among others.

Susan Peters and her white husband at the wedding registry

We gathered Susan Peters got engaged to her white husband in 2014, but kept his identity secret until their wedding registry. Knowing very well the nature of our African values, sustaining our African culture and the importance of marrying our own kind (race); it is no brainier that not everyone in the African and Black community would openly welcome Susan's interracial marriage, especially when child bearing is considered.

While the likes of Susan Peters, whose name is not even African by nature, are marrying white men for whatever reasons; it is very important that we as Africans continue building the Black race. Our future children (generations) are meant to be Black, not White.

Susan Peters says no to Black men, but says I do to White men, as she marries a Dutch

With that said, congrats to Susan Peters; wishing her all the best. But she should not expect much of our people to praise her for choosing to marry a white man over a Black man.

What words do you have for SUSAN PETERS ?


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  • Nina

    Who the hell wrote this primitive racial article. And wheres the editor that let this get published. This disgraceful. What african values spew so much hate? Unvelievable. This article is a disgrace. I spit on it.

  • Gabby

    Susan Congratulations Share...Wishing u guys a happy Married life and many beautiful kids....Congrats Swdy

  • Diane

    She can marry whosoever, is her life and if there is a consequence to it, is hers to bear. But for all you blacks who keep on saying we are all the same is not so or truth. We are all humans but whites are Gehazi descendants, him and his generation is cursed forever in the Bible. So, even thought we are humans some carry a curse. They are originally Indians or split out of India the original Edom of the Bible, but white is curse by God that is what the white color means. It is up to everyone to decide what you want for yourselves and children, also it time for blacks to stop being foolish and get educated. Love everyone but marry everyone is a different story. You all will live with the consequence. We as human remove all the borders and break every rule. But it is still forbidden by God. Read Isaiah Chapter 13 verse 13 - 18. Old people say, "what sweet in goat mouth does hurt in his belly" interpretation what is good now will hurt later, even in judgement.

  • hanny

    Was it a bad thing married out side ur country if she didn't marry now it u guys that will be abusing her 9ja with bad mouth good job dear God bless ur union

  • Favour

    Does it matter who she marries? Please leave the woman alone to enjoy her marriage in peace. Her hapiness is all that counts for christ's sake, no one would endure whatever it is she'd endure in a marriage with whomever. So please leave her alone abeg, the most important thing is that she's married and happy Biko...

  • stacy

    God love us all inspite of what race we are. It is not about race but who the Almighty guide you too. Another thing is we can't tell the heart who to love, it just love. So I don't think who she marries should be a problem. As Long they stay married and they are happy that is what is important. Congratulation to both of you and remember to put God first in all that u both do.

  • Emelda

    What has color got to do with whom you
    Marry? And a child is child irrespective of the colour of their skin. are you one of the black me she said no to? The comments you expressed here belong in the toilet.

  • Rona

    I wish them much happiness.

  • Moses Chibuye

    just as some men prefare white women to black women as if we re runing out of black women,So did she.if you Say no to a white Man,then say no to all his things and his religion.

  • princesstania352@yahoo. com

    Who ever u are that posted this; common sence should have told u dat we are all one inrespect of our colour. So if she is married to him it is not because he is black or white it it is Because she love's him. So just because u are a racis, does not mine we all are.