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Why Jeta Amata and Mbong Amata's marriage crashed

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After five years of marriage, the union of Nollywood filmmaker Jeta Amata and his actress wife, Mbong Amata, have come to an end. But what could be the cause of their marriage crash? Read on to find out. 

Jeta Amata and ex-wife Mbong Amata

We gathered their marriage crashed on Mbong’s insistence on pursuing her acting career. While Mbong wanted more out of her career, her former hearthtrob Jeta Amata restricted her to working only on his productions, a move that has seen her act in few Nollywood films such as Black Gold and Inale, directed by Jeta himself.

Here's what Jeta Amata have to say about the cause of his marriage crash:

"Mbong is an amazing mother, an incredible wife...all the time we were together she would never let any other person cook my food...she was faithful and good to me and gave me the best gift in the world, our beautiful daughter. If I didn't cage her so much maybe we would still be together. I stole her youth and didn't let her live her dream so it was better to let her go and find new adventures. She's happy and so am I. Despite the fact that we are no longer together, we are still good friends. She even lives close to me here in LA. Things are great between us and I'm happy to see her happy."

  • A quick question, is it right for a man to prevent his wife from pursuing her dreams all in the name of marriage? (a Working wife vs Housewife?)

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