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Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best

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#Nollywood: Not everyone who categorizes or parades themselves as actors can truly interpret roles and bring characters to life. In Nollywood, the industry is flooded with many who lack the skills needed to be successful in the competitive make-believe world of film-making in Nigeria. Without further ado, Nigeria Movie Network presents…'Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best'.

Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best

Let us know if you agree with the list below. Mind you; the numbers does not represent a form of ranking whatsoever.

Ebele Okaro photo1. Ebele Okaro: She is one of the best in Nollywood for interpreting mother roles. Do you need a woman that can bring the character of a wicked mother to life in Nigerian movies? Ebele Okaro is one of your best candidates. She is fondly called the Mama of Nollywood, a veteran at that. You don't want to miss her ogbonge role interpreting in Zam The Barrow Pusher.   

Ngozi Ezeonu photo2. Ngozi Ezeonu: She is very good at playing sweet and caring mother roles, but can also give you the opposite if she's challenged with such roles. Ngozi Ezeonu dominates many royal Nollywood movies. She does not over-act and her role interpreting skills is one of the best.  

Patience Ozokwor photo3. Patience Ozokwor: Mama G of Nollywood, who doesn't know her or love her movies? She is on every film-makers call book. Mama G would panel-beat her daughter-in-laws in any given Nigerian movie where she plays a wicked mother. Patience Ozokwor is one of the best in Nollywood at bringing characters to life. 

Chinyere Wilfred photo4. Chinyere Wilfred: This woman is one of a kind when it comes to role interpreting...'hey-heeeeeyyy!' [clapping the hands like Chinyere in her movies]. One of her best movies in our opinion, is that movie where she became blind from her wickedness. That movie is UNWANTED. Chinyere Wilfred has been a blessing to others in the industry, may her legacy live on. She made our list of Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best. 

Omotola Jalade photo5. Omotola Jolade Ekeinde: Fondly called 'Omosexy' and now regarded as the Queen of Nollywood; Omotola is no doubt one of the very best at role interpreting. Many would never forget her collaborative role in the movie Blood Sisters with Genny. Omotola has multiple awards to her name and she's now aiming to challenge her role interpreting skills in the Hollywood film industry. 

Genevieve Nnaji picture6. Genevieve Nnaji: Did someone say Genny is the most beautiful lady in Nollywood? Arguably, they are right. But beauty aside, Genevieve's role interpreting skills is too hot to handle and unmatchable. From romantic roles to adventure drama to traditional films, she has done it all. Genny is one of the best role interpreters in the industry and has multiple awards to her belt.  

Chika Ike photo7. Chika Ike: Her role interpreting skills makes some wonder if she was born to be an actor. She can be a sweet caring sister or wife in some of her movies but then you see a different side of the coin when she unleashes the beast as a wicked sister or wicked wife in other movies. Chika is no doubt one of the hottest Nollywood actress in the film industry at the moment and this can be attrributed to her superb role interpreting skills. 

Funke Akindele pics8. Funke Akindele: Popularly known as Jenifa, Funke Akindele is everyone's favorite. From comedy to village girl roles to a ghetto city girl character; she can interpret any role that comes her way. Funke brings laughter and joy to the hearts of her fans due to her unique role interpreting skills. No wonder everybody loves JENIFA!

Eucharia Anunobi photo9. Eucharia Anunobi: A veteran in the make-believe world, Euchari Anunobi brings characters to life so well that some may think the story is actually about her life or a real-life story. Eucharia continues to excel in all the roles she has been challenged with, from a prostitute to a missionary, to a wicked wife or mother; she has contributed greatly to the Nollywood of today. 

Mercy Johnson photo10. Mercy Johnson: Have you seen her in Dumebi the Dirty Girl? Of course you probably have! Everyone loves or at least admires MJ's role interpretation in that movie and she seems to be the best candidate for the character which she played. She is one of the most sought-after actress in Nollywood for her awesome role interpreting skills; though some believe she's over-rated. 

Ini Edo photo11. Ini Edo: She is one of the best female actors in Nollywood to hire for role interpreting, no doubt about that. No wonder she has become a household name in the entertainment industry, Ini Edo have played uncountable roles in Nigerian movies and she's probably on movie set at the moment doing what she loves to do best. 

Chioma Akpotha picture12. Chioma Akpotha: The way she interprets roles in her movies is unique in the sense that she does it decently without bringing herself low or exposing her womanhood, even many fans on Nigeria Movie Network FB page can attest to that. Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha brings decency to role interpreting in Nollywood. She is one of the Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best!

Hilda Dokubo photo13. Hilda Dokubo: She is definitely a gem when it comes to role interpreting and no doubt one of the best candidate for mother roles in Nigerian movies; the NMN team believes. Hilda Dokubo also made our list of Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best!

Stella Damasus photo14. Stella DamasusThis lady can shed tears in Nigerian movies in a heartbeat the NMN team have observed. Stella Damasus brings passion to her role interpreting and connects to the story deeply which helps her bring characters to life like no other. She makes our list of Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best!

15. Uche Jombo: She is a professional role interpreter and even writes the story which she interprets on most occassion since she is a script-writer and also produces majority of the movies she stars in lately. Uche Jombo makes the cut in our Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best!

16. Nse Ikpe Etim: The movie 'Mr & Mrs' is one of her popular movies where she proved role interpreting is indeed her expertise. Nse Ikpe Etim also made the list of Top 20 Nollywood Actresses that Interprets Roles the Best! 

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Currently, the NMN Team only listed 16 Nollywood female actors who interpret roles the best in Nigerian movies; hereby giving Nollywood fans the opportunity to mention 4 other Nollywood actresses believed to be talented role interpreters.

Mind you, female actors that only appear in language movies are excluded in this list. Non-Nigerian female actors are also excluded.

With that said, who are four other Nollywood actresses that interpret roles the best in Nigerian movies? Name them! 

Article composed by Kevin Onuma for Nigeria Movie Network

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