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Tonto Dikeh plans to treat 100 most brilliant students this Christmas

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Despite her seemingly controversial nature as a screen diva, Tonto Dike still has the milk of human kindness flowing in her veins. She has concluded plans to fete about 100 most brilliant students from both private and public schools in Lagos.

Speaking on why the actress who recently delved into music is reaching out to these students, she says, “The act of rewarding brilliant students with scholarships and through other means which used to be very prevalent in those days seems to have gone into extinction.”

“There are thousands of intelligent students who need to be shown lots of love, if not for anything but for their outstanding successes. The idea is to appreciate them in any little way I can and this Christmas period provides an excellent opportunity.”

For those who probably think that Tonto is known for all the negative reasons,the sultry actress has decided to chart a new course for herself after many weeks of controversies that trailed her recently-acquired tattoo that covers over 70 percent of her back.

Her reward project for the students is billed to hold on December 10 at the Troy Bar and Restaurants, Ogba, Lagos.

Source: -Vanguard Nigeria

Discussion: Many parents and Nollywood stakeholders believe Tonto Dikeh is a bad influence to the youths, and now she is attempting to feast brilliant Nigerian students this 2011 Christmas.

Now here are some reasonable questions:

* Should Tonto Dikeh be giving the opportunity to corrupt the minds of our already brilliant young ones by taking them out for a treat?

* Is she the type of role model we want our youths to associate themselves with? (Demonic tattoos, sexual misbehaviour, care-free attitudes, etc)

* Why don't Tonto Dikeh consider giving support to some of our helpless Nigerian women suffering from breast cancer as a humanitarian effort or even help to put some kids in school, clothe the homeless, feed the poor, etc?

If Tonto Dikeh really wants to do something credible for our brilliant students or for the country, let her offer them scholarships...even if she can only offer to sponsor one child! There is absolutely nothing encouraging in her motives in regards to this news.

Finally, there is nothing credible about Tonto Dikeh feting brilliant students this Christmas as a way to encourage or show them love for their outstanding school performances. Her intentions for our brilliant students are not clear!

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-Kevin Onuma, NMN Chief Editor
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    Some us wil no go sch bcos of sponsorship. We here waiting 4 u.