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Tonto Dikeh Offers Two-Year Scholarship To Two Students

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Tonto Dikeh, the controversial actress has made the news once again but before you start guessing what naughty things she’s been up to, hear this: the Nollywood actress recently offered two students educational scholarship.

On Sunday, December 11, 2011, Dikeh hosted about 100 children who ‘have distinguished themselves in their studies’ at a party held at Troy Lounge, Ogba Lagos. There she offered Ibitayo Adeyemo a primary 4 year old student and Femi Akintunde a two-year educational scholarship. Her reason for doing so? The actress says she decided to do this because she noticed that a lot of things are changing in our society.

‘When I was growing up most of the big companies were supporting Education with scholarships, debates and therefore students strived to be their best but all this is being lost’, the actress lamented.

The actress who starred in Uche Jombo’s ‘Damage’ had been at the centre of a media frenzy for weeks, following conflicting views about her recent tattoo.

Source: TheNetNG
Just few days ago, Tonto Dikeh informed us of her intentions to fete 100 brilliant students this Christmas, but she did more than just by offering to sponsor two children with a two-year scholarship recently.

Regardless of Tonto Dikeh being a controversial actress, she deserves credit this time for her remarkable philanthropic offer to help further the education of two of our young ones. I hope more celebrities will follow this trail for it is important to give back to the community.

Though the Federal Government has committed to achieving the goals of Education-for-All (EFA) by 2015 to ensure Nigeria’s accelerated development; our celebrities can help make this more successful by increasing awareness on the importance of getting education, and also helping to fund one or two students academically from now on by offering them scholarships.

So as we enter the new year 2012, I will be publishing a few stories to influence our celebrities to chip into the education and upbringing of every Nigerian child. Nigeria needs more doctors, more engineers, more idealists, more educators, more economists, better leaders, and so forth...we must change the perspectives of our youths who watch Nollywood movies and all of a sudden want to become an actor or an actress. There are better professions out there that our celebrities can help our youths discover which I envision will help build a better Nigeria.

-Kevin Onuma, NMN Chief Editor.
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