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Nudity in African movies, should it be banned or allowed?

Published: by NMN (Staff) Filed under: Nollywood Gist - 59,502 Views

Nudity in African movies, should it be allowed or banned? Because if nobody says or do anything about nudity in Nollywood and African movies, it will eventually get out of control. 

African movies have made tremendous progress over the years but some are becoming so dirty that it’s making mockery of our film makers and actors. Because of fame and some chicken change money, actors go nude in movies without thinking of the moral effect.

It is very pathetic, when these movies and photos leak to the media, is either they keep longer heads with the publisher or they beg bloggers to take it offline. Indirectly, these actors are aware that their nude scenes and photos are nothing less compared to pornography scenes and images. Such is the new movie set to be released soon titled AGAFE from the stables of Lucky Geo Ventures.

On the poster currently being circulated is a naked Frank Artus and a naked lady whose face remains anonymous.

It is believe that sex posters have positive sales on movies therefore even when there’s no nude or sex scene in the movie producers tend to use it as a marketing strategy. But how far should they go with this?

Already, the Nigerian goverment and task force have begin clamping down on businesses selling pornographic materials in the street, such as sex magazines, cartoon sex, sex posters, etc., now; why should African film-makers produce African movies with nudity?

Should Nollywood and African movies with nude scenes be banned or allowed in the African film industry?

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    Well let me say is not good to do such to avoid sexual impact among tenagers. thank you


    it should be banned tottally cause it missleading

  • don9ja

    OMA I will love to act

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  • Precious Esther

    if possible

  • Chris

    Her name is Abigail Nebchi

  • Rose Okoro

    Nudity in African movies are clearly powered by Satan Himself to banish these souls along those who wstchnthem to Hell fire. These sort of films should be banned.

  • ben

    its because they lack interesting and mind blowing storylines, so in other to get the viewer glued to the movie they think nudity or sex scenes will do the magic. but the truth be told that memorable movies are not the once with nudity if not the Indian films will not have the large market it has. let the producer and directors have a rethink.

  • chidinma

    you are wonderful


    we shouldn't forget about who we are while making movies. after the the act, actors should understand that they have to perform their duties in the positive manner. some are parents at home.
    ask yourself after acting in this kind of movies, will kids at home be allow to watch? if yes, what about the other children outside there? please serve as an example for those watching the movies. let the nudity act be banned.

  • Bryan

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