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Nonso Diobi reacts to Tonto Dikeh's disrespect of Mercy Johnson

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#Nollywood Gist: Nonso Diobi, being one of the male figures in Nollywood that respects his colleagues in the film industry, recently reacted to Tonto Dikeh's disrespect of Mercy Johnson in a series of tweets on Twitter; Nigeria Movie Network is reporting. 

Nonso Diobi responds to Tonto Dikeh's disrespect of Mercy Johnson

We've put together the series of Nonso Diobi tweets in response to Tonto Dikeh's diss of Mercy Johnson and put it together in one image below, making it easier for you to peruse, save and share.

Nonso Diobi reacts to Tonto Dikeh's diss of Mercy Johnson on Twitter

Below is Tonto Dikeh's controversial tweet that started the whole thing: 

“Wen n if I give birth,God plz provide mii wit a husband dat can provide 4uz,Not 1 dat wld send mii bck to actin 2monthz after I born 2Huzzle” –@TONTOLET

Nollywood fans are the biggest part of the global Nollywood community, therefore, earlier today on NMN's Facebook page we posted about Tonto Dikeh's indirect diss to Mercy Johnson, hereby asking our members to share their opinion regarding Tonto Dikeh's tweets if she was referring to MJ or not.

Below are some of the response many fans poured out on Nigeria Movie Network FB Page:

"Who is the man dat will put his interest for mary u tonto? For all dis ur smoke nd fallin in stage openin of breast in internet u re not even fine self forming around why re u so jelous like dis my folw girl unles u change for ones...if u need marrige change some behavour nd live mercy j go nd born nd come back for one year live person alone" -Josephine

"and who said Mj is lacking frm anytin?d fact dat she resume back to wat she knws how to do best dose not mean she is doing it for financial satisfaction.....tonto u go get married and knw how it look like" -Judith

"She will never find a man to marry her.she's a drama,hoe she slp with young boys.that how her life will ending without get married.she jealous bcoz she can't find a husband. She doesn't respect her dad who she will respect.mayb her father Devil." -Leslie

"getting back to acting afta giving birth dosent mean MJ is lacking something,it shows tht shes super woman,Tonto get a life maybe you will understand btter as for now you acting like a dog" -Nicollete

"I pray they did not kill her in that industry because she is so rude and arrogant. Tonto, be nice to people and love everyone. Has Mercy done anything bad to you? Or are you envy of her good acts? Well, is God's gift, she acts more than you and you can't change that. Be a good lady and don't allow your anger and speeches to control you." -Princess Lucy

"Tonto Dikeh is very stupid and she don't have simple respect at all and only God will help her if she tun back to God, when you are happy to others then goodness of God will come to ya" -Euro Man

"Ghaaaaa wat dus she think she is,Mercy is much respected nd won't give u dat immunision. She doesn't argue wt fools. He's married ,loved by his husband so don't mistaken dat jst bcos she went back 2 wrk its by force bt her choice wt her hubby. We woman love it dat way #its called independency#" -Sbusisiwe

"i love tonto and i love MJ too but i don't understand what's the real beef betweent them ? they might slept with same men years before or else there's jealousy ! they're both talented but tonto has been very disrespectful toward Mj and her family !" -Lali

"For the love of JESUS CHRIST. Why we women can't get along with each other, we as women share 1 painful thing in common every month. And yes that was obviously pointed at MJ. And that wasn't something nice say about anyone. Tonto needs to check herself that was really trash talk. GOD blessed every women that can bring forth a child in the world! It doesn't matter when you go but to work as long as you're healthy and strong enough." -Drhephes

"This is very childish..theres nothing wrong with a woman going back to work 2 months after giving birth..Normally some women resume six weeks after her check up with her Obgyn/gynecologist!. -Helen

"hahahaha Tonto is ready to do whatever it takes to make it to Hollywood, ashia my dear. Is chemical engineering, singing and acting not enough money for you already??? why would you need a man to provide for you??? you can take 10 years leave if you want, I am not sure too many people will miss you on TV. Till then, try to get what MJ has: a husband and a baby, then we can talk about how long your leave will be. -Mesame

"true but they no mercy johnson is the best in nollywood dats why they don,t want see her after delivering they want her to be at home so they can make more money them her lol dats what i think" -Aisha

You can see more responses from global Nollywood fans on Nigeria Movie Network FB Page HERE

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  • sheilah

    in life we have to learn that we are not the same, even in class there mast be one ahead so Tonto Dikeh let her that is Gods will for MJ and nothing you can do to bring her down

  • judie

    Tonto iz a cheap hole n she aint notin like mercy,shiz more better off like u tonto.get a life