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Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Photo Shoot

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Nollywood Actress Susan Peters shot the sexy promo pictures below during the summer. She is a Nollywood actress and model. Her first Nollywood movie was 'Wasted Effort' in 2002, directed by Andy Amanechi.

In a previous interview, when asked how would she compare modelling in Nigeria now with obtained 10 years ago. This was what she had to say:

"The modelling industry in Nigeria now is a bit slow. You have people who have been modelling for a very long time still having to go for auditions before they could get a job. I mean there should be some grace and considerations, based on one‘s experience. Abroad, they cast them, take picture and send messages across to their agents. But they don‘t do that here in Nigeria. What they do today is to tell you to send good pictures suitable for auditions, and you go there and see half of Lagos population. It is very frustrating. Professional models should be dealt with professionally."

Here are some of her exclusive photos, she is a modelling actress:

We've heard some people argue that Susan Peters is prettier than Genevieve Nnaji, but we disagree with that statement. However, you be the judge...who is prettier: Susan Peters or Genevieve?

Photography by SHOLACREATIVE –
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  • merrsera

    Genevieve is far more beautiful than Susan Peters. They are not even the same, Genevieve is naturally beautiful,with or without make up