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Multi-Award Winning Film Adesuwa To Hit Cinema May 4th

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The multiple award winning Nigerian film, Adesuwa, will begin its run in cinemas across the nation from May 4. The movie was produced and directed by award winning Nollywood filmmaker, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen - which after a hugely successful premiere in Abuja and Lagos, will be available in all cinemas across the country.

Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen

Lancelot revealed that the film“would change the face of Nollywood that is why from the beginning, I said, Adesuwa is about ‘remaking Nollywood’.”

Abuja and Lagos stood in awe during the premieres which held on March 13 and 30 respectively. Little wonder Adesuwa got 10 nominations in the oncoming African Movie Academy Awards, AMAA, scheduled to hold this month and had won several awards and endorsements (from the Federal Inland Revenue and National Film and Video Censors Board) even before the official release. The film director was quoted in an interview before the premiere of the film in Abuja where he claimed his whole life now revolves round Adesuwa.

“My whole life at the moment revolves around Adesuwa. Truth is, I am in love with Adesuwa. My wife has leased me to Adesuwa till after the cinema run around May. She has no choice. It’s funny but true. Captivated by the pristine beauty and innocence of Adesuwa, Eze Obi Olisa vows to take her by any means necessary –even when he was warned that the beautiful belle was betrothed to the war lord, Oba Akengbuda. As a ploy to draw her into his bed of lust, Eze Obi Olisa employed trickery and uncommon diabolical means…. But his game goes out of hand when he defies the Oba of Benin and murdered a Benin princess, thus, provoking the wrath of the mystical and highly revered Oba and the entire Benin kingdom. But will Obi Olisa survive the unavoidable bloodbath that Benin kingdom will unleash on Eze Obi Olisa and his entire Ubulukwu kingdom?

Adesuwa is a riveting tale that reveals the dangerous power of unbridled lust and its psycho-sociological implications. The movie treats this powerful emotion as a potent force capable of turning an otherwise sane human into a brutal beast and set on fire two otherwise friendly and peaceful neighbours.

The negative power of lust and its many evil cousins that express themselves in a hundred different ways has been known to be behind political, religious and economic conflicts in our world today. Lust for power, lust for wealth, material things and lust for women are largely responsible for the problems in the world today.

Adesuwa also vividly captures rich African culture at its most magnificent, pristine simplicity. The poetic delivery of the dialogues carefully embellished with proverbs and idioms added to the richness and values of this blockbuster. The movie features celebrated actors such as Olu Jacobs, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Ngozi Ezeonu and Iyobosa Olaiya who played Adesuwa.

Source: NigerianTribune
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