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Jim Iyke threatens to sue Segun Arinze over fake deliverance accusation

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Nollywood bad boy turned "born-again", Jim Iyke, who was strangely delivered at TB Joshua's church weeks ago, may be filing legal actions against veteran Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze, for accusing him of fake deliverance at the Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN); NMN is reporting. 

Jim Iyke defends himself on twitter, says he's not possessed of witchcraft

VibeGhana recently reported that Jim Iyke is feeling unfairly treated since a video came out about two weeks ago showing him receiving what appeared to be deliverance at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos; which has led to some negative energy directed towards him.

A close source to VibeGhana revealed that “Jim feels Segun and some other people targeted him unfairly since he wasn’t the only Nollywood actor to go to TB Joshua’s church,” the source said.

The source further revealed that Jim Iyke is shocked that Segun Arinze thought he could be bought to get delivered at SCOAN and he is looking at taking legal action.

According to credible reports, Segun Arinze responded forcefully to the video showing Jim Iyke receiving deliverance in front of the congregation at TB Joshua’s church few weeks ago.

Segun described the video as appearing too “contrived”, he also went on to question whether Jim Iyke was paid any money for the act. “How much did he (Jim Iyke) get paid? I’m just wondering,” Segun added to his response.

The whole Jim Iyke fake deliverance drama also angered Nigeria’s top grammatologist, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, who took to his Twitter page after watching Jim Iyke's deliverance video to air his view of the whole deceptive religious display.

Here's what Honorable Obahiaghon had to say via Twitter @PObahiagbon weeks ago: “Comedy”. “Bad Scripts, gaudy flashy colours, terrible acting, gullible audiences, celebration of ill gotten wealth,etc”.

“Nollywood and the Nigerian churches really do have a lot in common come to think of it”. 

On top of the fake deliverance accusations, many are also saying Jim was delivered of 'witchcraft and demonic spirits' at TB Joshua's church which was preventing him from finding the right woman to settle down with; but the former bad boy have dismissed that notion saying he's not possessed with anything.

Here's what Jim Iyke had to say via his Twitter account: “Lol witchcraft?! Its imperative I underscore dt peo r oblivious to wat transpired. Ignorance is no excuse.Tailor ur opinion to wh u knw#bless.

99% celebs awake daily on wet pillows wit fat accts behind Versace shades Christ made part of the d 1%. Its profoundly disturbing to certain peo” 

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